October 17, 2022

Healthy 10-Minute Pancake Tower: Here is how I make plant-based pancakes — They’re gluten-free, too

Healthy 10-Minute Pancake Tower

Here is how I make plant-based pancakes — They’re gluten-free, too

Food photography and recipe by activeplantbased

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Pancakes are popular, and tweaking the ingredients makes for a healthy breakfast, brunch or dessert!

Here’s how to make this gorgeous pancake tower in 10 minutes

List of ingredients

  • oat flour (gluten-free)
  • vegan white sugar
  • linseed & chia mixture to bind (egg replacement)
  • tiny little pinch of salt
  • pinch of baking powder (add later)
  • mylk (I used oat milk)
  • small dash of apple vinegar
  • vegan white sugar for caramel sauce
  • alternatively: maple syrup or any syrup you like
  • toppings: fruits, seeds, nuts


Mix the dry ingredients above with a whisk without adding the baking powder yet. Then, add oat milk until you get a runny consistency.

How much plant milk you need depends on your oat flour. Since linseed & chia need some time to soak up the milk, let it sit a little so it thickens.

If your batter should thicken, add more milk, so you get your runny consistency (again).

You can whisk thoroughly to get the lumps out. Use a fine sieve for the flour to avoid clumps to begin with.

Baking powder & vinegar

Now add baking powder and apple vinegar when you’re happy with how runny your batter is.

Those two will react and create bubbles to make your pancake fluffy. Don’t whisk too hard this time since you want the bubbles to form and stay. Maybe take a spatula and mix the vinegar and baking powder in gently.

Try and get the same consistency with every pancake. Depending on how long you take to make your pancakes, you may need to add a bit of milk throughout.


Coat your pan with little oil and bake your pancakes with medium to high heat. Don’t flip them yet. Optimally speaking, you should only flip them once. If you’re unsure whether you’ll burn one, you might want to go for medium heat first.

When they have the colour you like, get them out and assemble them as you please. You can also make one or two giant pancakes instead of small ones. They’re less work.

Caramel sauce

Make the caramel sauce last because it can be tricky. Since caramel is liquid sugar, it hardens fast (but I like it, and it’s crunchy).

In a non-coated pan, add white sugar and let it dissolve over medium heat. When it changes its colour to golden, drizzle it quickly on the pancakes. Be careful; it’s scorching! Avoid touching the caramel at all costs.

Use a non-coated pan (!) — it is imperative — as the coating will dislike the sugar’s heat.

Also, choose maple syrup over caramel if you work with kids; caramel can get extremely hot and cause nasty burns.

If your caramel burns or turns black and releases smoke, which it can do before you realise it, do not add water! Let it sit outside, and add boiling water when the sugar has cooled down and hardened, so the sugar dissolves like in tea. Otherwise, you won’t get it out of your pan.


Top your pancakes with fruits, seeds, nuts and whatever you please. I had dried apricots, pine seeds, figs and purple (or red?) grapes.

To the side, I recommend a good coffee or simply some sparkling fresh water.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did. Happy eating! :)