Welcome to the activeplantbased blog

your guide to better health & fitness

Medical Studies
In 2018 I got into the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Becoming a Vegan Blog Writer
I concluded
645 hours of studying plant-based nutrition before I started this blog.

Now I’m ready to share my knowledge with those who want to embrace change.

Why vegan nutrition?

I firmly believe in unlocking our true potential through the power of plants. To me, a healthy body represents a healthy world.

My Favourite Animal
I am in love with all types of bunnies and big-eared giant rabbits. Those weigh about 8kgs. One day, I’m going to be a mom to lovely kids, a good boi (dog) and two giant bun-buns. The white bun in the picture is Kamille, my soulbunny, who sadly passed away in March 2022 of old age.

My Vegan Life
I’ve been vegan since March 2019 and plan to continue this lifestyle.

I began eating vegan mainly out of empathy and compassion for the animals. Still, I stuck to plant-based foods once I learned about their health benefits and absolute other-worldly tastiness and variety.

A fair economy, human welfare and environmental benefits are a big part of why I would not want to return to my old diet.

My favourite quote regarding veganism is, “My body is a temple, not a graveyard”. This quote struck me as simple & truthful.

My Personality
I’m an extrovert with steep energy levels. I enjoy talking to my friends for hours on end. Funny enough, my best friends are all introverted, relatively calm, and somewhat shy.

My Hobbies
I write a lot, read even more, and enjoy working with clay and things that require meditative focus. I also declare that drinking coffee is a hobby.